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Wish to order from a local restaurant and the phone’s battery has drained out? Now Google has a solution to it. The search engine giant has launched a new feature in its knowledge graph, allowing users to make free calls to any business from their desktop browser via Google Hangouts.

Now, while searching for your favorite restaurant, bar, or business on Google, the search engine may display a phone number in the knowledge graph. When you click on the phone number, it will automatically open up Google Hangouts and let you call the business through your computer. The user obviously needs a microphone and speakers to complete the call.

How this Works?

When you search for your query a phone number appears. On clicking on the phone number, it automatically opens Hangouts in a new window. It then asks you to click on the call button to make the call also giving you information on the call rates. Once connected, you will hear the person on the other end of the call and be able to talk through a computer audio and microphone.

The calls made in US or Canada are free of cost whereas international calls will cost a few cents. The new feature has been rolled out in the US only and will soon be available to other countries as well.

Google Knowledge Graph Adds Clickable Phone Number: Call Businesses Directly from Search Results via Hangouts!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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