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It seems team Google is working dedicatedly on improving AdWords functionalities. After launching bulk editing feature in November, which enabled users to make large-scale changes across the AdWords account, Google has now introduced bulk upload.

It will help you in adding, editing, and removing the keywords at Scale.

With the bulk uploads feature, you are no longer required to:

  • Upload the keywords report in another tool
  • Search for the same keywords you already have
  • And go back to the AdWords UI to make the changes

The feature will let AdWords users to add, delete, edit, pause, and un-pause keywords in their downloaded keywords reports and upload these changes directly into their AdWords account. The time saving feature provides a new level of automation & flexibility to users, allowing them to use standard spreadsheet functions and manage keywords logically.

Google has also shared an example to further explain the ease offered by the new feature.

Imagine a scenario where you want to create the exact version of your broad match keywords and want to set their MaxCPC bids 20% higher than their broach match counterparts. This can be quickly done by:

  • Copying the broad match rows
  • Changing the match type column value
  • Creating a basic formula to multiple the current bids by 1.20

Google Makes Large-Scale Keyword Changes Easier with Keyword Bulk Uploads

Once you are through with the three simple steps, all you need to do is upload the entire sheet and the changes will be automatically applied by AdWords.

Go to the page where you have always been downloading the keywords report and click on the "Editable" box. A special, editable version of the keyword performance report will be downloaded, which can be modified and uploaded.

The changes can be saved in CSV, TSV, and Excel formats. You can upload the new file by clicking "Reports and uploads" icon present on the left navigation window. Click "Uploads" tab and you are good to go.

Google Makes Large-Scale Keyword Changes Easier with Keyword Bulk Uploads

*Do Remember:* Once a bulk upload is submitted, you cannot automatically reverse or cancel the changes made. So, Google recommends that you should always save a copy of the original downloaded report. **

You can also view change history and reverse the unintended changes manually.

For more information; check out the keyword bulk uploads article.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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