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In an attempt to provide webmaster with more insights and support, Google launched a paid version of Google Analytics- Google Analytics Premium. For a flat rate annual fee, the new analytics will process higher volumes of page views and also will provide additional support.

Google Premium

What Is New In Google Analytics Premium:

In Google Analytics Premium, the features and the user experience are the same as in general Google Analytics. It has more capabilities, than that of the regular analytics. And it will benefit the organizations that want dedicated services and support. Also the sites who desire to process data more frequently (without sampling too!) As the Premium package says for itself- “Now you can share more valuable information than ever throughout your enterprise – from the back room to the boardroom-for better decision making.”

The main categories of the services of the Premium Analytics are:

Also Google guarantees that the contract ensures that the data is owned by them.

  • Extra processing power- Google Analytics Premium will allow you to gather, analyze and share more data. You can track more that a billion hits per month. With the availability of 50 custom variables, you get deeper insights. You can also download unsampled reports and can analyze all of it at your leisure.
  • Advanced analysis- The Analytics Premium has advanced analysis tools to deliver deeper insights into understanding consumer behavior. The attribution modeling tools let you test different models for assigning credit to conversions. With the many custom variables, one can customize the analytics as they want and this will allow them to collect unique site usage data.
  • Guarantees– There is a service level agreement that comes with Google uptime guarantee. Here is what Google has agreed to provide, in regards to data collection, reporting, and processing-
    1. 1. 99.9% on Data Collection up-time
    2. 99% on Reporting up-time
    3. 98% on on-time Data Processing- with the freshness being the main focus(within 4 hours)
  • Service and support- You will have experts to guide customized installation, and what's more, Google will provide dedicated account management and you can call them 24×7, any time of the day. Google aims to make the webmasters understand the entire analytics easily, so that they can support themselves. For the same, they will give Live and Webinar training. Apart from the 24×7 emergency hotline, there is the regualr phone & email support 10 hours per day, 5 days per week

How Much Do You Have To Pay For It?

As of now, the Google Analytics Premium is available to US, UK and Canada based companies. Their sites may be located globally. The search engine giant hopes to expand soon. The prices are:

  • USA- $150,000 USD
  • Canada- $150,000 CAN
  • UK- GBP 90,000

This amount is a flat rate yearly payment, that will be billed monthly from the clients. As Google says, “Google Analytics Premium was developed in close coordination with some of our largest clients. During our pilot phase, we’ve been working with Gucci, Travelocity, TransUnion, eHarmony and others, to make sure Google Analytics Premium meets their needs. We’re very happy with what we’ve built and we’re now ready to make it available to all interested clients.”

What Changes In User Interface Have Been Brought In:

Well, essentially, Google Analytics Premium's interface is the same as that of the regular analytics, but there are a few small changes:

  • You can get an unsampled report– Click on the “Download” button on a report and there is a new option to get an “Unsampled Download
  • Customized Reports– Now with the close to 50 or so custom variables available in the Custom Report builder, the reports can be highly customized.

Here is a detailed video about Google Analytics Premium:

Do You Need To Use Google Analytics Premium?

The amount to pay is a big one, and you have to think before taking the leap. But if you have any of the concerns listed below, then shift to Premium at the earliest-

If you are already paying for an analytic tool. In this case, you are paying on the basis of pageviews. But in the case of Google Analytics, pricing is not based on pageviews or hits or visits. Also, you have the option to switch to the regular and free version anytime, without losing your data or needing to switch tags.

If you need to get your hands on unsampled data. Also, with the premium version you will be able to collect and process all your data. Not only will the reports load faster, you will have higher data limits data will be fresher, even at larger volumes.

Also, if you want to do further segmentation, then you can do so with the 50 or so custom variables. A good option for complex websites.
What About The Free/Regular Analytics ?

This is a major concern plaguing many webmasters-who have decided that they can't afford the premium package. Will Google stop working on making the free version of Analytics better? These concerns have been addressed by Google in this manner- “We are more committed than ever to our standard version. With the release of Google Analytics v5 we are poised to release features faster than ever and are confident that measurement can keep up with the digital consumer journey at last. In the last 3 months alone we’ve released many great features to the new version of Google Analytics.”

So, take a relaxing breath, the regular analytics will work just fine. And if you want more, then sign up for the premium version.

A Word Of Advise:

Google Analytics Premium is for businesses that take e-commerce and online marketing very seriously. The best part about Google Analytics Premium, and what works for it put in a single line- The unsampled reports and the service level agreements, make it a good deal for webmasters. And they do stand to gain more form the Premium version of Analytics.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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