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It is finally here, Google Maps via a blog post announced the launch of its Hindi version on Tuesday. The search engine giant informed that the Hindi version will be available on desktop as well as Android devices of versions 4.3 and above. Hindi speakers will now be able to see the names of cities, important roads, localities, routes along with schools and public parks in Hindi. Now, if a user searches for Qutub Minar in Delhi or The Taj Mahal in Agra in Google Maps, the names will be displayed both in Hindi and English.

Google Launches the Hindi Version of Google Maps

To see the labels on Google Maps in Hindi, users will need to enable their preferred language as Hindi. The language preference can be set to Hindi on the Google account settings or by simply choosing the Hindi option at the bottom of google.co.in home page. Android users can select the Hindi option in the “Language and input” menu found in the settings menu of their phone.

Google Launches the Hindi Version of Google Maps

Google also mentioned that the Hindi labels visible on Google Maps were created by transliterating English names to Hindi, and ensuring the text resonates with local dialects. Also, if users have a more accurate Hindi name of a certain area, they are free to send corrections through the “Report a problem” link on the bottom right side of Google Maps or via Google Map Maker.

The Product and Program Management Director of Google, Suren Ruhela launched the service nationally from Jaipur. He mentioned that the service was a part of the search engine giant’s initiative to make maps more useful for local users. He also added that the release of the Hindi language will help people to have a better experience on Google Maps and it may come up with new versions in regional languages as well, based on the feedback. The app is said to be available on the App store, Blackberry World store and the Windows Phone store

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