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What will happen to your Gmail account after your death? Do you want to share your Picasa photos, Google Drive documents, and other data stored with Google with everyone even after you die?

If you haven't given these questions a thought yet, the time has come. Google has recently introduced Inactive Account Manager, a feature that will let you plan your digital afterlife. The feature will enable users to opt to delete the data upon their death. It will also let users share their Google date or send it to designated third-parties.

Google Product Manager Andreas Tuerk in a blog post said, "Not many of us like thinking about death – especially our own. But making plans for what happens after you're gone is really important for the people you leave behind. So … we're launching a new feature that makes it easy to tell Google what you want done with your digital assets when you die or can no longer use your account."

The feature is accessible from the Google Account settings page. It will handle the data from Google Contacts, Blogger, Gmail, Drive, Pages, Google+, Google Voice, Picasa Web Albums, and YouTube. Users can choose the auto data deletion after three, six, nine, or twelve months of inactivity or they can select trusted contacts who will receive some or all of the data.

Google Launches Inactive Account Manager; a Digital Last Will & Testament!

Before taking an action, Google would warn the account holder by sending a text message to the cellphone and the email address of the secondary account provided by the account owner.

Earlier, Google required a court order to allow the friends and family members of the departed to have an access to the data. The new feature will protect the privacy and security of the users.

Facebook already has a unique approach to manage a person's digital afterlife. It allows accounts of the deceased users to be "memorialized". Confidential information gets wiped off and the account is frozen so that nobody can post anything through the account. People closer to the former user are however able to post messages on the wall.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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