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Yesterday, I had reported the launch of Google Lively, a 3D Virtual World, where users can create their own little virtual world with avatars and it is already being considered as a strong competition to Linden Lab's “Second Life.”

Now over at the Google Blogoscoped, a post has been put up that provides FAQs for Google Lively. Here are a few of those FAQs for our readers, who might be eagerly waiting to use Google Lively.

What’s Google Lively?: Lively (apparently code named Fiji and Google Rooms, and previously nicknamed Google Metaverse by some outside Google) is a three-dimensional chat world by Google. You navigate your avatar to talk to others, show your emotions, and, if you want to, build your own rooms for your website. Lively runs inside the browser but needs a Windows installation first to work.


How Do I Start Google Lively?: After installing the download by Google, you can go to the rooms directory. Depending on your system, Lively may crash a lot. So before you start, make sure you don’t have anything important or unsaved opened in any other browser window. Another important thing to remember is, that you must never enter your password into room widgets embedded on third-party websites at the moment. Even when it says Google Lively in the pop-up, that can be easily faked.

How do I move an object?: Click the “four arrows” button on the right; once activated, you can now drag and drop stuff you see on the screen. The three options for room owners are public (everyone can add and move stuff), interactive (everyone can move stuff, but not add new stuff to the room, like furniture), and private (no one but you can add or move objects).


What’s the thought bubble over someone else’s head?: One theory is that it means they’re typing something at the moment.


What are those white-and-green cones on the floor?: Those cones are place holders for things that are still loading. You may also sometimes see skeleton avatars; those are other persons whose appearance didn’t fully load yet.


How do I delete my chat history?: Just leaving a room is enough for your speech bubbles to eventually evaporate. According to Google, “Chats in Lively are not saved, and will not be accessible once you leave a room. The chat history window logs what avatars have said and done within a room, but is not archived and will disappear when you leave … Lively may temporarily keep snippets of chats to resolve abuse reports, but those snippets aren’t accessible to users.”

These are some of the important FAQs, that I wanted our readers to know about. For the complete list of the FAQs, visit Google Blogoscoped

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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