Feb 9, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google introduced “Local Guides” a month ago via a Google+ post. Now this feature has been introduced to the Google Maps as well and this feature is similar to “Yelp Elite.”

In this program, Google will reward “Guides” for their quality reviews. For e.g., if a user writes more than 50 quality reviews they will have access to a private Google+ community and get invites to exclusive events in select cities. If a user gives out more than 200 reviews, they will be eligible to be featured on the “Local Guides” official Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts. “Guides” may also be able to host special meetups as well as moderate Google+ communities.

Similarly, Yelp rewards its users for their reviews with special badges invites to parties and other gifts through Yelp Elite. However, when compared, “Local Guides” seems to be more accessible to public as users can sign up to participate in the program as long as they have a valid Google+ account.

Previously, Google ran a similar program called “City Experts”, whose members will be automatically transitioned to “Local Guides.”

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