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WPP Mindshare and Google have jointly come up with a location-oriented marketing tool for helping brands to track real time consumer actions and emerging trends for locating more effectively locating target customers. Referred to as “Search As Signal,” this tool finds out what people are looking for on Google plus their location as well as the nature of the device that they are using. This data ensures that Mindshare follows a strategic paid ad strategy for the clients.

Mindshare had earlier developed a version of this tool in the year 2012 for assisting their client Kleenex for managing ad spend based on location of persons seeking keywords pertaining to the flu. More than 95% of the searches at the time of the flu season emerged from the massive commuter rail line where the campaign was based. Through re-evaluation of paid media spent and redirection of the same across the rail route, Kleenex achieved a 40 percent surge in sales, as per the agency.

Having obtained such positive results, Mindshare took the actions further and persisted in building on a search technique with Google. Norm Johnston, the Chief Digital Officer at Mindshare giving insights into the importance of this recent tool:

"If you're Kleenex, it's the ability to understand there's a flu outbreak expected somewhere locally. If it's related to a variability in babies about to be born, it enables us to shift media spend related to Huggies. If there are nuances in particular features people are looking for in luxury cars, we can adapt the creative messaging with that particular audience.”

Manner in Which It Works

To start with, the tool groups looks for queries with related keywords under the umbrella categories. In this manner, search for specific items including luxury car models plus related terms can be aggregated under the category of “luxury cars.” From that point onwards,the tool engaged in organization of categorized search queries as per location commencing at country level and eventually reaching down to region and event city.

A dashboard has also been created by Mindshare for its clients to ensure more effectively that it can view trended searches in the last year or week and zoom in to gather important location specific data. This data has been used for informing companies on the nature of tweaks which may be required on their ad buys for chances of improving success.

Google’s Payoffs from the Deal

No revenue sharing deal has been reached been the two firms so far. But, an increase in ad spend will spur direct revenue for Google. Johnston has elucidated further on the type of relationship when he remarked,"There is no financial deal behind this." Though money is not any part of this deal’s equation, the tool’s use can indirectly flow into the clients’ budgets towards Google when search trend data notifies that an advertiser may want to place more cash aside for search, YouTube or display. "We spend money with Google if we think it makes sense, but we're not going to sign up numbers arbitrarily.”

So far, not much additional data has been found indicating this tool can be shared with the public. Digital marketers would be interested in rolling out this tool to its clients or not also is an important question in this context.

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