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Google speed master Ilya Grigorik announced that Google mobile search has become faster by around 100 to 150 milliseconds more, to be precise. The announcement was made by Ilya on Google+ . Google has now made mobile search faster by 0.15 seconds as compared to yesterday.

In case users are wondering how Google accomplished this, here’s the answer. It has used a technique named Reactive Prefetch. This technique has been explained by Ilya as:

“The key insight is that we are not speculatively prefetching resources and do not incur unnecessary downloads. Instead, we wait for the user to click the link and tell us exactly where they are headed, and once we know that, we tell the browser which other resources it should fetch in parallel.”

Google Mobile Search Becomes Faster by 100 to 150 Milliseconds

This new speed for mobile search can only work for Google Chrome on Android as it is the only live browser which provides support for the Reactive Prefetch. Ilya also shared the technology behind this method:

“As you can infer, implementing the above strategy requires a lot of smarts both in the browser and within the search engine… First, we need to know the list of critical resources that may delay rendering of the destination page for every page on the web! No small feat, but the Search team has us covered – they're good like that. Next, we need a browser API that allows us to invoke the prefetch logic when the click occurs: the search page listens for the click event, and once invoked, dynamically inserts prefetch hints into the search results page. Finally, this is where Chrome comes in: as the search results page is unloaded, the browser begins fetching the hinted resources in parallel with the request for the destination page. The net result is that the critical resources are fetched much sooner, allowing the browser to render the destination page 100-150 milliseconds earlier.”

Forum discussion is on at Google+.

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