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Google Health with the codename of 'Weaver' is the latest planned health information program by Google. Adam Bosworth, the Google's Vice President of Engineering, was working on this program for quite a long time. This is the latest step taken by Google for 'making information accessible' – this is the only mission that Google works for.

Adam Bosworth in support of this new health program stated that the present health care system prevailing in the US is mostly challenged when it comes to “supporting caregivers and communicating between different medical organizations.” He further added, “people need the medical information that is out there and available to be organized and made accessible to all … Health information should be easier to access and organize, especially in ways that make it as simple as possible to find the information that is most relevant to a specific patient’s needs.”

As per the article published in the New York Times today, it shows that “about 20 percent of the [US] patient population have computerized records – rather than paper ones – and the Bush administration has pushed the health care industry to speed up the switch to electronic formats. But these records still tend to be controlled by doctors, hospitals or insurers. A patient moves to another state, for example, but the record usually stays.” New York Times gives a thumps up to the initiative by Google. The articles reports “would give much more control to individuals, a trend many health experts see as inevitable.” Already, a image of Google Health is already shown to health professionals and advisers for their remarks.

To find out more what one can get from the future Google Health service, have a look at these screenshots from Google’s prototype theme.


Two tabs can be seen in Google Health, one is Profiles with several sub-sections, including “Services and health guide,” “Conditions & symptoms,” “Medications,” “Age, sex, height…” and “Family history”, while the other tab is Medical Contacts. A privacy policy at the bottom disclaims that “Any information you enter will remain private. Google will not share it with anyone without your permission.”


The “Conditions & symptoms” dialog seen on the screen hot come with an auto-completion feature, that is quite similar to other input boxes in Google Health. Have one enters “head”, and Google suggests “Head and Neck Angioedema”, “Head Injury”, “Head Pain” and more.


The “Services and health guide” section says “Get the most out of Google Health – If your medical providers or pharmacy offer secure downloading of medical records, you can find and add your records to a profile. You can also browse for websites that connect securely to Google Health and provide services for managing your health care.” The detailed explanation that follows under the headline “Google health guide” reads, “When you add some information to your profile, Google Health will search trusted medical sources and create a health guide targeted for you. … Google Health will check for relevant updates to your guide whenever you add new information to the profile.” One can take the help of the health guide to know more about drug interactions, treatments, tests and preventive measures. There is a side box that warns, “Be sure to discuss questions about your medical care with your doctor or medical provider before making changes,” while a footnote reads, “Built in collaboration with”.


The “Add an immunication” interface does not permit free-style text input, but it is restricted to a selection box only. Some of the available entries include “Diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP)” or “Hepatitis A vaccine.”


At the first Google Health Service, you can even “add a doctor”. You can also search the “Google Doctor Directory” to find contacts.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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