Google Official: Personal Blog

Oct 20, 2006 | 2,130 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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A Google employee accidentally posted her personal blog on Google blog. Similar case was noticed with two postings about skull-shaped candies were displayed on Blogger Buzz, an official blog of the same Google blog publishing service. The topic and informal language left readers wondering. Although the postings were removed soon after they were published. Last week again Bloggers created havoc as and Blogspot hosting service went off-line for two hours. In explanation Google called it as a “network malfunction”.

Also, earlier this month Google's main official blog, hosted on Blogger was hacked. There was posted a false message saying that the company has decided to cancel a joint click-to-call advertising project with eBay. Rectifying this mistake, Google immediately removed the posting.

Among the companies that store sensitive information from consumers and organizations, Google holds the top position when it comes to mistakes like these. It shows carelessness and security vulnerabilities, that in turn effect Google's services. In this condition, user's trust is quite predictable.

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1.thumbnail Google Official: Personal Blog
1.thumbnail Google Official: Personal Blog