Mar 8, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Microsoft claimed that its MSN search engine would lead Google in 2006. The statement put forward by MSN's head Niel Halloway last week has raised the eyebrows of many. With Google's search market share of 41.1%, MSN ranks third followed by its second competitor Yahoo!. As the statistics tell, it seems that MSN is throwing arrows aimlessly at its rivals. Doesn't sound practical at all.

However, Neil in his speech defended the statement by emphasizing more on the quality of their search and how relevant MSN would prove in the US market place as compared to Google. Yet another defending statement comes from the MSN's general manager Ken Moss of web search that said "Microsoft wasn't making any kind of predictions in its competition with Google." Now that's sounds pretty diplomatic. On one hand they put challenges for their rivals, while the very next moment they come out with ambiguous defending statements saying that predicting competitor's progress is not their cup of tea.

Creating an entire state of confusion is I think there cup of tea. What say?

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