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At the beginning of this month, we had reported that, Google had stopped crawling the blogs that weren't hosted on domains.

Now according to Search Engine Roundtable, Google has finally fixed this issue, along with the concerns of Google's Blogger tool and Sitemaps not working well together that had been plaguing the blogging community. Via a thread at Google Groups, JohnMu has announced the rectification of these concerns.

Here are some of the excerpts from the thread at Google Groups:

"I have had this blog for about five months now and have never had an
issue with the sitemap. I usually rec'd a google bot within minutes
of posting a new entry or an update. Starting around the 1st of
August, I noticed that the google bots had stopped arriving. So, I
resubmitted my sitemap thinking that there might have been a glitch.
Since that time, the submission has been in a pending state. At
first, I resubmitted after 24 hours but no change. At this point, the
sitemap has been pending for about three days.

Last night at around 10:00pm, I rec'd a google bot. The problem I
have is that the sitemap submission is still pending and none of the
articles that I've posted since 2 August have been added to google.

Does anyone know why my sitemap is 'pending'? It appears others are
having a problem with their sitemap 'pending' as well."

"No one in Blogger forum is replying. Hope this issue solve soon else
our blogs will be dead.

As you said Webado, that my site is loading slow, I completly changed
the site theme and made

it using default blogger templates, its superfast now, But Googlebot
is super-super slow. Still travelling

all over internet to find our blog and not able to find."

Response from JohnMu:

"Hi everyone
I just wanted to mention that we have been looking into this. As soon
as I have more information, I'll let you know. It's great to see you
all using Sitemaps!"

"Hi everyone!
It looks like this issue should be resolved now. It might take some
time for things to catch up across the board, so you might still need
to be a bit patient :).

Sunil, I noticed that we just picked up a blog post from yesterday (I
don't know which timezone you're in :-)) from your site, I think
that's a good sign! Remember that it will generally take some time for
the charts in Webmaster Tools to catch up as well but from what I can
see it looks pretty much on-target."

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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