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The Webmasters community has finally made their way to Google+. The team announced yesterday that they will use the page to post announcements, quizzes and other resources to help webmasters improve the quality of their website and e-commerce.

Google said in the post:

Welcome to our Google+ page!

The webmaster outreach team at Google will use this page to post announcements, events, tips, quizzes and other resources to help webmasters like you make great sites that can be found in Google Search. Follow us and join the webmaster community!

The post was followed by a flamboyant picture:

Google Plays Catch Up on Social Media by Launching Webmasters Google+ Page

The community already has a twitter account with 111,000 followers and is now making up the leeway for the delay in starting up at Google+. It is expected that the page will have similar posts to that of the Google Webmasters twitter account and links to Webmaster Central blog posts, Google Webmaster Help videos and various other updates that are considered important for webmasters. The page only has 3,700 followers so far but is expected to hike very soon.

Several members of the Google Webmasters team already had a significant attendance in Google+, but their presence has become official on the Google channel with Google Webmasters joining the page. With this, the users can now keep tabs on the events, tips and videos of the Google Webmasters team.

Google+ allows webmasters to engage in conversations with their guests, re-direct visitors back to their own site and get the latest updates, send messages to particular groups of people and view how many +1’s they have across the web. Google+ is also an amazing platform to help webmasters build strong connections with their users and encourage the visitors to spend more time engaging with their content.

The question that arises now is what took Google so long to get an official Webmasters Google+ page?

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