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It is the era of social and Google+ is the latest entry in the arena. This attempt at social networking by Google seems to be working as in a month only the user base shot up to 25 million. So, it has potential and if you want to mark your presence on Google+, then you will have to keep certain branding tips in mind.

Why Do You Need Google+

Apart from the fact that the user base is spreading really fast, (Google+ is expected to overtake Twitter in 2012), the features of the social network are also very promotion friendly. Also, the user experience of Google+ is bound to help you work better in making a connection with your target audience. The fact remains that Google+ features have integrated the best of what social media are offering- it has improved privacy options-sleeker interface- and with its Sparks and Circles, it has given a new meaning to online relationships. More on Google+ here.

Building Your Brands On Google+

Even though businesses are still waiting for Google+ to offer commercial set ups and pages, but they have started exploring it. Here are a few tips that can work for your brand as of now, on Google+.

Profile– Your profile is the first thing people notice about you, or look at, when they come across you. That is why it has to be top notch. For your profile to be genuine as well as interesting, follow these steps-

1. Your profile name must be authentic. Use your real name- not only will you come across as original and trust worthy to the users, but also to Google. The fact is that Google wants Google+ to be about real people. This means a name like- ‘Avenger Angel 007’ may not work on Google+.

2. Fill up your profile completely. Leave no columns empty. This tells people about what you really are all about. It displays what you have written in the “Bragging” section too. So it will make a good impression on people, if you say, “Scored the top of the SATs”.

3. Another thing to remember while building your profile are the keywords. So, when you are writing a nice long description of yourself in the About me section- leave no stone unturned, and put in appropriate keywords. Use the same in the introduction, bragging rights and occupation columns.

4. Have a public profile. If you want people to connect to you, keep your doors open. Moreover, not only for the people, let the search engine crawlers can find you. Remember that when editing your profile; click the 'search visibility' tab- to maximize your exposure to search engines.

Building The Circles

  1. Circles are highly useful as they let you choose who all you want to share what content with.As compared to Facebook and Twitter (where every post or tweet is sort of shared with all friends), you can choose who you want to share some news about your brand. Also, with you choosing the Circles you want to see as a part of your stream, then your news feed remains unclogged with every single entry that your friends have shared. You can separate your personal Circle and professional circles separate from each other.
  2. With Circles, you can build 'sub-communities' of likeminded people who are potential customers. You can exchange meaningful information and content with chosen and influential groups via the Circles. A more targeted audience, that is what the sorting of Circles gets you.
  3. Include the influential people in your Circles. First you have to find out who are the names that can be really influential in your niche. You can do that by doing a simple Google+ search on your primary keyword- this will lead you to the recent conversations, and you can see the people doing it, and then know the ones that are the most influential in your stream. The next step is that you have to interact with them and get them in your Circles- most importantly get inside their Circles. So that you get access to potential clients and business associates.
  4. Share your content slowly and carefully. Do not post too much, as it will go unnoticed by all. Do it with each Circle and their interests in mind

The Potential Nuclear Power- The +1 Button

This little waving No.1 flag against most things on Google+, is your key to being successful on Google+. This has been agreed upon by the search engine experts in the SES San Francisco.

  1. Get a +1 button on your website quickly. Put it against most products and see the number of people 1ing it. The +1 button has real potential, and has even started showing in search results. on your website Then, visitors can mark their endorsement, boosting your site's SEO.
  2. Your aim here is to get as many +1s as possible. For the same, you have to create original- relevant and highly captivating content on your website, so that more and more people like it and +1 it. Try to include videos and images and catchy headlines in your post to make it interesting and thought provoking. The aim is to capture the people’s attention and push them enough to press the +1 button.
  3. Sparks- will lead you to the groups with similar interests and you will really benefit from interacting with industry professionals.

Hangout Makes The Real Time Connect:

Using the Hangout feature to do video chats with people can also help. Interacting with them will give a personal and human touch to it all. You can form closer relationships with people of your industry and form a basis of future business. You can talk about common interests with your groups. And Huddle is an excellent group messaging tool to easily send specific information to one of your Circles

The Takeaway:

Google+ is going viral, and so will your brand. Just be authentic and highly social, and you will see the impact with increasing user base and resulting traffic to your site. More on Google+ SEO here.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, an SEO Agency in India with offices in Chicago, Mumbai and London. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet's expertise has established PageTraffic as one of the most awarded and successful search marketing agencies.
Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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