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Google+ has officially launched a set of unique Google+ features for businesses & the Apps customers will get a full preview mode for free till end of 2013. Google has added that following this launch, it will continue working on adding newer and better features to be used by organizations- present ones include private sharing, video meetings and integration with Gmail, Docs and Calendar.

Google also revealed that organizations like Kaplan and Banshee Wines have been using the Google+ platform to allow their staff and employees to connect with each other. The pilot projects have led the company to offer Google+ features completely customized for organizations and businesses.

Google’s latest move comes as a part of its strategy to encourage Google social experiences in the corporate/business world. The process of this integration began October last year with Google+ supporting Google Apps

Private Sharing

The new unique features for businesses include private sharing. This feature lets employees mark posts as ‘restricted’. This will not only keep their posts private within the organization, but also stop them from sharing them externally. As Google says, “Restricted posts are private to your organization and can never be re-shared with anyone outside. At the same time, when you create a post, you have the flexibility to share it with specific partners or colleagues outside the organization as well if you choose.”\

Google+ for Businesses Launched with Free Features for Apps Customers till 2013!

Video Meetings

The Google+ Hangouts have been integrated with other Google products like Gmail, Docs and Calendar for Google Apps users. Employees can have a meeting while doing a “Hangout” on Google+. As Google said, “People can now join a multi-way video chat, powered by Hangouts, directly from Gmail. They can also open a Google doc in a hangout meeting. Users can also add a hangout to a Calendar event, allowing attendees to join the meeting directly from the invite or Calendar entry.”

Google+ for Businesses Launched with Free Features for Apps Customers till 2013!

Administrative Controls

The admin controls of Google+ will let the IT support make sure that data is being shared with only those cleared by them. There are company-wide defaults for post restrictions which have been set up in addition to the feature of enabling restricted Hangouts to allow confidential meetings well within the organization.

The Features Will Become Paid Later

The businesses which have adopted Google Apps will be able to use these tailored features for free till the year 2013 ends. This means that Google has plans of charging businesses for using these social connection and collaboration tools quite on the lines of Docs, Gmail and Calendar. However, as of now there are no details for pricing available.

Google+ for Businesses Launched with Free Features for Apps Customers till 2013!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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