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Google will soon be rolling out big changes for the Google+ platform. The first to make their debut are; the bigger size of cover photo and photo features like "auto awesome" & "auto enhance". Google aims at delivering a modernized stream and an enhanced social discovery experience to its over 190 million active users.

The new Google Plus interface focuses more on photo and video content. It gives more importance to an improved visibility and inclusion of graphical objects on the page.

Google has given a new look and feel to its social network Google+ by putting imagery front and center in a big way. The size of cover photo has increased and you might see, has taken half of the screen.

Google+ Gets a New Look with Bigger & Better Images!

More Additions:

Multicolumn Stream

Whether you access Google+ from your mobile or desktop, you will see a new, "less flat" stylish stream, of course with larger images. There will be more animations while navigating to different parts of the page. If you will click "share what's new", all the posts in the stream will be shuffled and the share box will pop up on the front & center of the page.

Photo Editing

The trend of enhanced visual experience is taking a toll and it seems Google too is taking its advantage. There are some really good new photo features in Google+ like "auto awesome" and "auto enhance". 

Auto enhance improves the quality of the picture by adjusting the brightness, focus, saturation, contrast, and other elements, which make it a good photograph.

Moreover, you can explore these features before applying them to your pictures at Google Plus Appspot page.

The "auto awesome" feature was discussed at the Google I/O event yesterday. Google has explained more about the feature.

"Sometimes we’ll create a brand new image based on a set of photos in your library. For example: if you upload a sequence of photos, we’ll try and animate them automatically. Or if you send us a few family portraits, we’ll find everyone’s best smile, and stitch them together into a single shot. Likewise with panoramas, filmstrips, and a whole lot more. We call these kinds of enhancements Auto Awesome".


Hashtags are getting popular in Google+ updates as they make the content more discoverable. Google has released "related hashtags" feature which will let users dig a little deeper into the things they really love to do. When you click on the hashtag of a post, a card swivels and displays other relevant hashtags and more content that is tagged under the particular topic. Google can also identify points of interest and suggest tags.

Users can disable the features by going to the privacy settings. For those who loved the new features, they can share their praise for new Google+ with the social network's hashtag: #googlepluslove. Moreover, you can also give your opinion about the new page with the Google+ community manager or Google Feedback feature in Google+.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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