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Keyboard shortcuts to make your browsing simpler. It is no different in the case of Google+, where simple shortcut keys can help you explore the social platform much faster. These shortcuts are a boon for those using laptops.

So here is the list-make note of it-

  • Q: This takes you directly to the Google chat box
  • Space Bar: Press the space bar to scroll down the stream
  • Shift + Space: This combination takes you up the news stream
  • J: Move to the next post in your stream
  • K: Move to the previous post in the news stream
  • Enter: This opens a post’s comment box. When you are going through a post, pressing enter will allow you to comment on the post.
  • Tab + Enter: Once done with writing the comment, submit the comment on a post
  • Tab + Tab + Enter (press Tab twice, then Enter): This cancels the comment box. This is for when you change your mind.
  • / (slash): Pressing slash will take you straight to the search box. And all you have to do is start typing your search keys.

Keyboard Shortcuts to change the text style in a post-

  • * (asterisk): This sign before and after a *Word* will make it bold- Word
  • _ (underscore): This sign before and after a _Word_ will make it in italics- Word
  • – (dash): The dash sign used before and after a Word will strikethrough the – Word

Other Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks-

  • Ctrl – (minus): Pressing them on the Circles page makes Circle management easier, as you can Zoom out.
  • Tab: To scroll through links on a page keep pressing the Tab key . Keep in mind that this is a Chrome shortcut only.
  • @: This is used to mention other Google+ users within a post or a comment
  • +: This also serves the same purpose as the @ symbol.

To post links, photos or videos, simply drag the links directly to the 'share' box. When you click the timestamp on a post, and you will get to see the permalink of the post.

More exciting and handy tips to use Google + are here and here. To learn about Google+ Pages For Business, see this.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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