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Google has released two major updates to Google+ which makes it easier for users with large photo galleries to easily browse through them and share content. While Auto Awesome Stories automatically search through your photos, videos and the places visited by you to create a short vignette of your experiences, the Auto Awesome Movies is centered around particular events, collecting your photos and videos to automatically create a highlight reel.

This is how the Auto Awesome Stories look

The Auto Awesome Movies are created as .m4v files and can be downloaded and uploaded to YouTube or any other video sharing platform. It includes a background soundtrack, effects and transitions.

If you have already enabled automatic backup of photos on Google+, then just have a look at your profile, there might be some awesome Stories and Movies already waiting for you. Both the features will be available to android and the web today. While the Auto Awesome Movies are already available on iOS, the Stories will be rolled out soon.

Apart from the Stories and Movies features, Dave Besbris, Google+ VP of engineering, confirmed that there is a series of other updates too awaiting you. Have a look at the full list here:

  • By tapping on the new plus button in Photos and select either Motion or Mix, you can create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand.
  • Android now supports large photo libraries, allowing you to access thousands of photos easily.
  • Browse your entire photo gallery and your highlights by date. You can scroll up or down to move forwards or backwards in time.
  • Your profile displays the total content views. This feature is available on both Android and the web. Configure the settings to show or hide this number.
  • Switching between your favorite circles and communities is also easier with the new navigation menu. It also allows you to easily switch to other places in the app.
  • To easily share content from your phone, click on the pencil icon at the bottom right corner of the stream.
  • When you move down the stream, the app menu automatically slides away allowing posts to fit in the entire screen.
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