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Google+ is continuously evolving with the rising number of users all over the world. And the newest addition is not that social, well in a way. Because the latest addition is the option to ignore or block users. This feature was somewhat widely awaited by users who value their privacy and don't want certain people checking out their profiles. Now, on to what these features mean and how you can work your way with them.

The initial rebuff against unwanted members is Ignoring them. This means that you will not see much of that contact's activities. Now you may have some members in your Circles whom you are not that close to, or even don't know or don't want to connect to. In this case you can choose to “Ignore” them.

The good thing here is that the “ignored” people will not know that they've been ignored by you.

So once a contact is ignored, you will not be able to see:

  • any of their posts in the news stream
  • any notifications of their activities
  • them on your Circles page

How to “Ignore” people on Google+

There are three ways that you can use to ignore people. You can either do the same from 'Notifications' in the Google+ bar, or the Notifications stream. A simple click on the word 'Ignore' next to their name, will do the trick. You can also ignore people from the 'Incoming' stream or the easiest thing to do if you are on a mass ignoring spree, is to Ignore one or more people at once from your Circles page. Highlight their names and click “ignore”.

In case you have a change of heart, then you can “Un-ignore” people by clicking “More Actions” on the Circles page. And select un-ignore directly from there. Or you can simply add these people back to their Circles.

Here is a video explaining the same by Google engineer Olga Wichrowska .

You can make your social network on Google+ more to your liking by blocking those you can't stand, or have been bothering you or you just don't want there. You want them out-kaput!

So, if you “Block” someone, this is what happens, the subtle changes in your stream and Circles:

The blocked members are:

  • completely removed from your Circles and your extended Circles
  • not visible and out of the stream
  • unable to see anything you share with your circles
  • unable to comment on your posts and activities either.

How To “Block” People On Google+

You can Block people straightaway from their profiles. Also the button appears everywhere alongside “ignore”. So you can do the same from the Notifications bar. Or from the Circles page.

The people you have blocked don't get any notifications so you are in the clear here. In case you want those people back in your life and on Google +, then go to –

Circles–>More Actions–> View blocked–>Unblock.

The New Notifications Page

Google+ has done further improvements on the “Notifications” page as well. The primary notification that interests the most of us is who are we connected to and who connected to us. That is why, now on Google+, you will get two different notifications. When someone adds you to their Circles- this is how the message will be- New Contact “Added You On Google+”. And if someone you has added first to your Circles, and they added you then the notification will be different- it will say- New Contact “Added you back on Google+”. This means that you were sort of “friended” by someone. This means that the Friend request thing on Facebook, is now applicable to Google+ too. Just like you get a notification of Facebook when someone “accepts your friend request”, you will get to know on Google+, that some one added you back in their Circles.

Not only these, Google+ has made certain other changes too, like you can see the pictures you have been tagged in the “Photos of you” link.

Google+ is bringing in new changes and adding new features to its interface. These changes are already being appreciated by the 25 million plus users. Lets wait for what the social network brings in next.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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