Aug 14, 2014 114 reads by Ritu Sharma

In a recent Webmaster Central hangout on Google Plus, John Mueller was asked whether the Google Penguin update could be pushed into the search results to allow the affected ones to see whether they have recovered even a bit. Mueller answered that the update is not ready to be rolled out yet.

Mueller explained further that Google Penguin requires a complete rerun of data and the search engine giant cannot just randomly do it as they need to ensure that the right type of data is being used to get it right.

Google implements the algorithmic changes on data held behind closed doors to see the level of improvements made by the changes released. If there are issues within the algorithm, it is changed and retested till they are satisfied with the results.

The last Google Penguin update was ran over 10 months ago. It took along with it quite a large number of websites that broke the algorithmic rules. Strict action was taken against those sites by reducing their organic search engine results with the prospect of having to wait for the next update to escape those, even if they clean up their faults within weeks.

Google is being questioned regarding their schedule of the next update as smaller businesses continue to suffer at the hands of the update. They either have rebranded themselves or tried to change their revenue model as they have no way to request a manual review of an impacted website.

Now the question here is that should the search engine giant roll out an under developed update or is it better to wait for a fully developed one?

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