Mar 11, 2006 1050 reads by Candid SEO

Last month Garett Rogers blogged about a new inclusion into Google's robots.txt  file called "relcontent". This is no more a speculation as Daniel Neamu has confirmed it. The Google has been testing a new service that will enable the users to put a small JavaScript block on their page.

Google has modified its robots.txt file to include a line which may signal the beginning of a new search feature — similar content search.  This innocent looking piece of text ("Disallow: /relcontent") appears related to "Disallow: /relpage/" which has existed in the file for a very long time. Both ( URL’s (  produce the same curious message when visiting — "Nothing."

You can see a list of related pages on Google. Just pass a query and this tool would enable you to search fairly broad topics. You can easily enter a paragraph or two of known information without picking and choosing  the right keywords.

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