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Via the Google AdWords Blog, Google has announced the release of a new feature for Google AdWords, that would allow the advertisers to combine keyword-targeted and placement-targeted campaigns into a single online campaign type.

According to Google, “Starting today, you can target keywords and placements together in the same ad group. By doing so, you combine the benefits of contextual targeting with placement targeting: use keywords to show your ads only on contextually relevant pages, then use placements to set specific bids for, or restrict your targeting to, sites you value differently from the rest of the content network.”

The two practical ways to make the most of the new content network controls:

  1. Set custom bids for specific placements: Taking a fine example, supposedly, you are a mobile phone manufacturer, and your marketing platform is the content network, that you use to advertise on web pages that are highly relevant to keywords such as 'mobile phones', 'mobiles' and 'mobile phone accessories'. Your Placement Performance Report suggests that, the ROI (Return on Investment) is greater on three technology review sites. However, there are a few websites, where inspite of sales, the cost of advertising is ridiculously high. However, with the new feature, your have the option of adding the high- and low-performing sites as placements into your ad group with custom bids, along with your original bid for the content network as a whole in this ad group. Despite the fact, that you are still using the keywords in your ad group to target relevant pages across the content network, the important fact to notice is that, now you are able to adjust bids for the websites in the network that perform better or worse than average.
  2. Show your ad only when both keywords and placements match: In another case, lets suppose you notice that, your mobile phone advertisements are showing often on sites that discuss the advantages of high-performance multi-pixel cameras phones. Considering the fact that you manufacture some of the best camera phones, you would definitely like to create an advertisement that would concentrate on this feature. The new feature in Google AdWords enables you to create an ad group containing the same 'mobile phones' keywords and add camera phone websites as placements. You can even change your campaign settings so that your advertisements show only on the sites you've added, and only when their pages are relevant to your keywords.

According to Google, “This new feature affects your ads on the content network only, and it's entirely optional. You can do nothing and your existing campaigns will continue running just as they have. But by using keywords and placements together, you can get better control over ad placement and pricing on the content network to help you meet your ROI objectives.”

More information is available at the Google AdWords Help Center

At the Webmaster World, there is a thread that discusses this new feature in Google AdWords. Here are some interesting posts from that thread:

“I'm hoping this will help get our content campaigns working better. This is definitely a step in the right direction.”

“This "idea" – the ability to target ads by site – was discussed in the Adsense Forum probably 3 years ago. I guess it has taken all that time to work out the technology because clearly this "solution" made sense a long time ago (in WWW time).

Bravo. You're gettin' there Google. Bravo.”

“This should make content targeting much better , more work in the short term but should be able to bid closer to search cpc

And also much easier to get more accurate results for ROI on specific domains and a keyword, Great it is coming up now as just starting to plan for XMAS ordering and adwords campaigns and had decided against using content because of the noise ratio and found content targeting so much harder and longer to manage

PS I know it sounds early for thinking about XMAS but it does make or break e-com sites and maybe even more this year.”

From the Google AdWords Advisor:

“I'll happily pass along comments from this thread (whether positive or not-so-positive) to the right folks.

Many thanks.

Very glad to see that it seems pretty much on the 'plus' side, so far. 🙂


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Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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