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After receiving criticism that it was not working hard enough to fight piracy, Google released a Pirate Update in the month of August, 2012. This system provided penalties for sites that violated copyright laws. The week after this, Google is going to issue a new update to change the system and make it more efficient for catching offenders while releasing those who have given up piracy.

Google has indicated that this fresh Pirate Update will be released next week complete with new ad and editorial format for stemming piracy.

More About The Pirate Update

This update is like the other Google updates such as Panda and Penguin which work as filters. The search engine company processes these sites which are known about through the Pirate filter and downgrades sites which are promoting piracy and violating copyright laws.

Those caught by this filter receive the downgrade till the next time it is run. If they have stopped piracy on their site at that point in time, Google may release them from the downgrade. The manner in which this exactly works is not known as a Pirate Update filter has never been run.

As the Pirate update was never rerun, those who might have violated Piracy laws may have escaped unscathed. New violators were therefore not caught by the system.

System Under Attack

Google's system of detecting online piracy is now being attacked, even leading to a verbal spat between News Corp and Google. Google has said its Pirate filter has done much to eradicate piracy. But Google has been criticized for never announcing a new run of the Pirate filter for over 2 years now.

News Corp did not back down and Google came up with the Pirate Update to avert a potential PR disaster.

Fresh Ad Formats

Google Releases Fresh “Pirate Update” After Two Whole Years

The search engine company has launched a fresh display ad regarding queries where people may try to download films from pirate sites. This ad display points people to originating rather than pirated content. This could draw criticism in case it involves ads being bought by publishers.

Google has also included new sidebar displays for films and musicians. This is something it has been testing for some months now.

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