May 18, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

The Google engineering team working on verification of site ownership have come out with help for https sites. The announcement was made by Vanessa Fox. She informs that webmasters can verify site ownership and view site statistics too.

To verify that you own a site, you first must add a site to your Google Sitemaps Account. Click on the "verify" link in the "Site Verified?" column on the My Sites page.

We will show your URLs that were either listed in your Sitemap or that we found through our regular crawl process that we were unable to crawl and we will provide information about why we couldn't crawl them. We will also show you statistics about your site, such as the top search queries that returned pages from your site, the page on your site with the highest PageRank by month, and the most common words in external links to your site.

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