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Google has published six videos of 30 minutes together, which contain advice on how can one can bring their local business online. Google’s Maile Ohye in the official Google Webmaster blog said that this is the same advice she would give to her friends and family and is now sharing with everybody else.

In the introductory video, it was mentioned that creating a website isn’t a necessity. There are many substitutes available to help you create your online presence including Facebook, Google+, and Yelp etc.

The videos explain how to create business goals, finding customers online, ways of implementing online strategy along with two more detailed videos. While one of the detailed videos is on differentiating oneself, the other is on coming up with a consistent message for customers.

The first video of 3 minutes 22 seconds introduces two business owners Maria, a jewelry store owner and Scott a Realtor. The video also discusses topics like ensuring that the business can reach customers at work.

The second video of 4 minutes and 8 seconds gives the example of Scott, the Realtor and provides details on the marketing funnel, highlighting the USP of the business and setting an online goal.

The third video of seven minutes and forty one seconds, the longest in the series explains ways to reach the customers including search engines, review sites, maps apps as well as social & professional networking sites.

The fourth video of 5 minutes and 23 seconds explains the fundamentals & best practices to take one’s business online.

The fifth video of 5 minutes and 9 seconds explains the ways to demonstrate one’s business from competitors.

The last video of 4 minutes 51 seconds explains how Scott the realtor successfully engaged customers by building a holistic online identity.

Google Releases a Series of Videos to Help Local Businesses Go Online Without a Website!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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