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Google has released a new tool to help users upgrade their PLA campaigns to Shopping campaigns in just a matter of clicks. In April, the search giant announced the replacement of PLA campaigns with Shopping campaigns.

The tool will create a new Shopping campaign from your regular PLA campaign based on your campaign structure, historical performance and current bids of your PLA campaign.

Google Releases Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool for AdWords Advertisers

Google has also told that all the campaigns are not compatible with the tool. People who use AdWords labels in their product targeting or inventory filters will need to update their data feed with custom labels before to be able to use the upgrade tool.

The AdWords help files has details of how to use the tool. It says:

“With the Shopping campaign upgrade tool, you select the regular Product Listing Ads campaign you want to upgrade, and AdWords will try to create a new Shopping campaign for you based on that campaign. During this process, you choose the status you want to set for your existing campaign and your new Shopping campaign, once it’s created. You can find a link to the upgrade tool from the Settings tab of any regular Product Listing Ads campaign that hasn’t already been submitted using the tool.”

To access the upgrade tool and check the eligibility of your campaigns, go to the Settings tab of your existing Product Listing Ads campaigns.

Google will be hosting a Hangouts on Air session on August 19th to help answer questions on the Shopping campaign upgrade.

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