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Google announced the release of a whitepaper called “Settling the (Quality) Score” to help advertisers use Quality Score for guiding optimizations. Google says, the resource will be helpful to better understand the usefulness of Quality Score and how it reflects your ad quality. There have been several debates in the past regarding the role of Quality Score in indicating the success of Google AdWords campaign and the amount of focus given to it.

Google says advertisers are more successful when they show relevant ads and that is why Google factors the quality of ads into AdWords auction. Ad Rank and ad quality are important because they can impact position, price and extensions.

The whitepaper discusses:

  • How you can use Quality Score as a diagnostic tool
  • Suggestions to optimize the components of Quality Score
  • Details on what does and doesn’t matter in terms of the quality of your ads

An important section of the whitepaper is “Six Things That Matter (and Don't) When it Comes To Quality.” This section aims at addressing a few misconceptions about Quality Score. Among the things that matter are the user's device, relevance to a user's intentions and performance on related keywords for newly launched keywords.

Google has also created a video where it covers the AdWords auction and its many moving parts. The video explains the key factors behind Ad Rank, how Ad Rank is calculated and things to consider for maximizing Ad Rank.

Google says the focus should be on what is best for the users instead of merely chasing the numbers. The video and the guide are useful resources to help you better understand the ads auction.

The complete whitepaper can be downloaded here.

Google Releases White Paper with Insights on Quality Score and AdWords Auction!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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