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Various reports have been witnessed at Webmaster World, stating that Google might have disabled or removed AdSense advertisements from Google Cache.

Here are a few excerpts from the thread at Webmaster World:

“We used to all complain about AdSense displaying off topic ads when your page was displayed in the Google cache.

That's no longer a problem because it appears all ads in the content network are now disabled when you display pages with AdSense via Google cache links.

Now the fact that cached pages used to display off topic ads was silly because Google knew where the pages came from so there was no rhyme or reason that AdSense would go off topic whatsoever unless there was an internal disconnect between Google Search and AdSense. This made no sense anyway because Google claims both Googlebot and AdSense Mediabot share the same cache of the pages, so it never made sense because both the webmasters and Google were losing money from this ridiculous situation.

Now, the pages with AdSense display nothing whatsoever so it's a complete loss for all involved.

No PSA, no off target ads, just a big blank spot making us all look stupid.

There is one caveat to this in that I've seen a couple of premium publisher sites still displaying AdSense ads in the cache, but none of the 30+ publisher sites I tested for regular AdSense ads showed anything at all in Google cache.

Personally, I'd prefer the ads enabled when cached pages are viewed and the same ads properly displayed that would be seen on the same page when in context of the website, so everyone involved could make some money, but that's no longer an option.

What's the reason for this current change?

Could it be a simple technical malfunction?

Is it possible that AdSense in cache was disabled so that the cache pages are truly "fair use" and Google isn't monetizing them?

Could it be a [url=]sign of the times[/url] and with some belt tightening that Google doesn't want to share revenue when the visitors are on their site? Are they trying to get 100% of the PPC revenue when the visitor clicks BACK out of the cache?

No clue, purely tossing ideas around.

I'm not sure of the reason, but it's a huge change without as much as a peep about it from anyone anywhere! “

“It may be related to allowed sites feature. If it is enabled ad will only display on selected domain and it will not display on other places.”

“No, if you use the Allowed Sites feature, ads will still display on sites that are not allowed to show them according to your settings, but impressions and clicks won't be credited to your account.

Oh and ads are showing just fine on Google cache pages (though a little off-topic), so I suppose it makes sense there hasn't been a peep about it from anyone anywhere. Can't think of a reason why they're not showing for you though. Did you provide the other people on IM with a direct link to the Google cache, or did they go there on their own?”

“The ads are NOT showing in the cache of one of my sites and the 'allowed sites' feature is and has been turned off for several days.

The cache does show my Google CSE search but it's missing the little Google logo that usually appears inside the box.”

“I've allowed site turned on and ads are not displayed on page copied to .edu and other domain using cache or w/o cache. So I will go with Bill about bug. Lately adsense got few bugs and I'm guessing more site maintenance…”

“You looked at your sites in Google cache right? I checked some other people's sites I know today and I'm seeing the javascript is running because those sites are set to collapse the area when the ads don't display, and the full space is made for the ads, it's just blank.”

“On my competitors website, GG ads do not show on thier homepage, but they do show on deep link pages. My site has no archive tag on all pages.”

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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