Jun 23, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

While many brands are experimenting with emojis in everything, from URLs to title tags, Google stuck to its promise to remove emojis from titles in the search results.

Expedia was the first website to start using using emojis in search results in late April. For instance, a search for beach rentals might include a wave emoji. Soon, other brands followed the suit that worried Google, as per May 5th Google Hangout. Webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller announced that Google would be soon removing the emojis. He stuck to his word, and the emojis disappeared this morning.

Google seems to have only removed the emojis from titles for now. Although, Norwegian airlines that created the first emoji URL seems to be unaffected.

In the meanwhile, the search results for the individual emojis since October, has been retrived by Bing that began showing emojis in the title tags shortly after Google. For the time being, emojis are still showing up in Bing searches, there’s no information on whether or not they will continue to appear.

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Ritu Sharma
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