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Google has released beta version of revamped ecommerce analytics that goes beyond the purchase, providing insights into the entire customer journey.

The new-look analytics enables marketers know exactly about pre-purchase shopping behavior and product performance; thanks to the new metrics such as product detail views, internal campaign clicks, ‘add to cart’ actions, the success of internal merchandising tools and the checkout process.

With a few clicks, professionals can find how far shoppers get into the shopping funnel and where they lose way. They are able to understand what products interest customers the most, which face frequent abandons in cart and those that reach the purchase stage. The revamped analytics will allow users upload rich metadata and create rich user segments.

Google Revamps Ecommerce Analytics in Beta

Analytics, as product manager Marcia Jung commented, has been redesigned to keep in sync with the bludgeoning needs of the online retail that grew 30% year over year in 2013. Analyzing digital data, the tool lets retailers arrive on smarter decisions.

The system would include tracking code updates, data model changes and end user reports addressing ecommerce-specific use cases. The enhanced solution lets marketers find how internal promotion impacts sales. User segments can be imported for targeting in remarketing campaigns.

Revamped analytics is built on top of the powerful Universal Analytics foundation. One would need to install Universal Analytics on the site before getting started.

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