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For those who love traveling, Google has some good news. The search engine giant has updated the Flight Search feature with a new “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to give users an enhanced and interactive flight search experience. The addition of the new button is one among the many changes made to the feature.

Google Revamps Flight Search Feature to offer a Rich Travel Experience to the Globetrotters

Last year, Google launched an experimental flight search feature called Explore Flights which allowed users to explore destinations and provided a list of fares over time for choosing their flight according to the trending prices on different dates. Explore Flights still exists as a standalone feature, but many of its characteristics have been incorporated to the Flight Search feature.

Have a look at this video from Google to get a deeper insight into the updated Flight Search feature:

Some of the changes to the updated Flight Search feature are mentioned below:

Full Screen Map View: The updated feature gives users the option of panning the entire world on a map. They can simply click on the map and get a full screen view of all the cities they wish to fly to. Also, users can view photos of the top attractions for each city and see the change in prices during holidays or any time of the year.

Personalized Recommendations: When the user enters a particular destination, Google will automatically generate cards for the most popular places in the region based on the user’s search history. The users can also see a map for the location of these places and the lowest fare as well as time taken to fly to each of these places.

Google Revamps Flight Search Feature to offer a Rich Travel Experience to the Globetrotters

Mobile Optimized: Google has also optimized the Flight Search feature for mobile devices to give mobile users a better experience. This could mean the launch of a mobile app in the near future to boost the usage of the feature.

Google assures, with the updated version of the Flight Search feature, planning a travel will be much more fun and interesting.

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