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The latest version of Panda Update – the filter that penalizes thin or poor content – has been released. In a Google+ post, Pierre Far announced that a slow rollout began this week and will be continued into next week. As told by Google 3% to 5% of search queries will be affected, depending upon the location.

Google calls the latest update to be more precise that will allow more high quality small & medium sized websites to have better ranking. Here's an extract from the post on Google+:

"Based on user (and webmaster!) feedback, we’ve been able to discover a few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely. This results in a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites ranking higher, which is nice".

For the websites that received Panda penalty in last update, there's a chance to get improved rankings, if they have made the right changes. The results will be visible by the end of next week.

There are chances that new websites that were earlier not hit by Panda might get impacted. If you see a sudden drop in Google traffic this week or in coming days, blame the latest Panda update.

Google was updating Panda roughly on a monthly basis in 2012 but most of the 2013 saw no update at all and the last one came four months earlier.

Google Rolling Out Panda Update - Expected to Affect 3% - 5% Search Queries, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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