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Google has announced that the search algorithm changes made for the month of August and September are a total of 65 in number. The important changes rolled out by the search engine include: Freshness Updates , Panda Updates, improved knowledge graph, snippet improvement, SafeSearch and page quality updates.

Some of the changes made in August include:

  • “82862. [project “Page Quality”] This launch helped you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.
  • #83197. [project “Autocomplete”] This launch introduced changes in the way we generate query predictions for Autocomplete.
  • #83818. [project “Answers”] This change improved display of the movie showtimes feature.
  • #83819. [project “Answers”] We improved display of the MLB search feature.
  • #83820. [project “Answers”] This change improved display of the finance search feature.
  • #83384. [project “Universal Search”] We made improvements to driving directions in Turkish.
  • #83459. [project “Alternative Search Methods”] We added support for answers about new stock exchanges for voice queries.
  • LTS. [project “Other Ranking Components”] We improved our web ranking to determine what pages are relevant for queries containing locations.
  • Maru. [project “SafeSearch”] We updated SafeSearch to improve the handling of adult video content in videos mode for queries that are not looking for adult content.
  • #83135. [project “Query Understanding”] This change updated term-proximity scoring.
  • #83659. [project “Answers”] We made improvements to display of the local time search feature.
  • #83105. [project “Snippets”] We refreshed data used to generate sitelinks.
  • Imadex. [project “Freshness”] This change updated handling of stale content and applies a more granular function based on document age.
  • #83613. [project “Universal Search”] This change added the ability to show a more appropriately sized video thumbnail on mobile when the user clearly expresses intent for a video.
  • #83443. [project “Knowledge Graph”] We added a lists and collections component to the Knowledge Graph.
  • #83442. [project “Snippets”] This change improved a signal we use to determine how relevant a possible result title actually is for the page.
  • #83012. [project “Knowledge Graph] The Knowledge Graph displays factual information and refinements related to many types of searches. This launch extended the Knowledge Graph to English-speaking locales beyond the U.S.
  • #84063. [project “Answers”] We added better understanding of natural language searches for the calculator feature, focused on currencies and arithmetic.”

Here’s the list for September:

  • “Dot. [project “Autocomplete”] We improved cursor-aware predictions in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Suppose you're searching for "restaurants" and then decide you want "Italian restaurants." With cursor-aware predictions, once you put your cursor back to the beginning of the search box and start typing "I," the prediction system will make predictions for "Italian," not completions of "Irestaurants."
  • #84288. [project “Autocomplete”] This change made improvements to show more fresh predictions in autocomplete for Korean.
  • trafficmaps. [project “Universal Search”] With this change, we began showing a traffic map for queries like "traffic from A to B" or "traffic between A and B."
  • #84394. [project “Page Quality”] This launch helped you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.
  • #84652. [project “Snippets”] We currently generate titles for PDFs (and other non-html docs) when converting the documents to HTML. These auto-generated titles are usually good, but this change made them better by looking at other signals.
  • #83761. [project “Freshness”] This change helped you find the latest content from a given site when two or more documents from the same domain are relevant for a given search query.
  • #83406. [project “Query Understanding”] We improved our ability to show relevant Universal Search results by better understanding when a search has strong image intent, local intent, video intent, etc.
  • espd. [project “Autocomplete”] This change provided entities in autocomplete that are more likely to be relevant to the user's country. See blog post for background.
  • #83391. [project “Answers”] This change internationalized and improved the precision of the symptoms search feature.
  • #82876. [project “Autocomplete”] We updated autocomplete predictions when predicted queries share the same last word.”

The full list of changes made in August-September can be found here. And you can also read the changes Google made in June-July here.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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