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Google has sent mass email to a number of advertisers informing about the upcoming changes that will offer more flexibility in tracking conversions in AdWords. With the update, Google will be bidding farewell to one per-click and Conversions many-per-click columns.

The advertisers will be able to choose from the following conversion settings to track the action for each conversion:

All Conversions Setting

Each sale or conversion action occurring after an ad click will be tallied. Google has also given an example of a travel booking site that aims at capturing sales for hotel room and rental car bookings. In case a customer books a hotel and rental car, the conversions setting will be counted as two conversions.

Unique Conversions Setting

This setting is primarily meant for lead generation tracking. Google stated the example of an insurance agency offering home & auto insurance. In case a customer fills out two home insurance and three car insurance leads, they will be counted as two conversions by AdWords.

This flexibility comes handy when advertisers are running sales and lead generation campaigns, as they can designate different conversion setting.

A new "Count" drop down is available in the conversion settings window. The default setting is "All Conversions".

New Column Names

The report will show "Converter clicks" and "Conversions". Google is expected to make these columns in Excel exports, which will be easier to manage.

Converted clicks = Conversions (1-per click) – This is the reflection of number of clicks, which resulted in one or more conversions

Conversions = Conversions (many-per-click) – This will now be counted as number of conversions on the basis of settings of All conversions or Unique conversions

Google Rolls Out Flexible Conversion Counting, Saying Goodbye to 1 Per-Click and Many-Per-Click

Here's the link to Google documentation that will give more details about the change to be rolled-out this month.

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