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Google announced on Google+ that they have released a new version of the AdWords Editor, 11.1.

There were several upgrades in version 11.1, but Google stated only one in the announcement that is “improvements to the search bar."

Here is a list of changes in the version 11.1 of the AdWords Editor:

1. Upgraded URLs: Now AdWords Editor supports upgraded and the tracking management. The destination URLs can be still changed in the edit panel, and the final URLs are placed under the ‘URL Options’ tab in the edit panel. Without resetting their historical statistics, the ads can be upgraded.

2. Call-only ads: Fabricate call-only ads directly in the AdWords Editor and update them in the edit panel.

3. Labels: Managing and creating labels allows you to group ads according to your preferences easily. You can even add multiple existing labels to any campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword, and then filter them by one or more labels. The new labels can be created in the Shared library.

4. More improvements to search and image search: The search field accepts multiple search terms (one per line) and then returns the results that match any of the terms. You can also select an image and search for all ads using the same image.

5. Account and type filtering: The account tree and type list in the left sidebar each have new filtering options. The account tree filters by the campaign type as well as the status of the campaigns and ad groups. The type list filters by any type, including keywords, topics, placements, audiences, ages, type of ad, extensions, unused types, and more.

6. Mobile interest categories: Use the interest categories to further refine the intended audience, when targeting ads to mobile users.

7. Spell-check in other languages: To perform spell-checks in other languages, you can download language dictionaries and add them to AdWords Editor. English spell-check is still automatically supported.

8. Mobile OS version targeting: In addition to targeting the mobile ads by operating system, you can now also select specific versions or sets of versions for each operating systems.

9. Mobile App Targeting: Target the mobile app users, refining your audience on the basis of the apps and app store they use, or use negative mobile app terms to exclude certain apps.

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