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Here is a bad news for sites using Private Blog Networks. Reportedly, Google has taken a strict action on the sites that are participating in private blog networks which is commonly known as PBNs. The search engine giant on September 18th sent out hundreds of manual action notices to the sites for “thin content spam” via Google Webmaster Tools.

Private Blog Networks are groups of blogs or sites that are generally controlled by one publisher. The main goal is of building up links within the network to help a particular content rank well in Google. These blogs are not really meant for visitors but are just used to generate links for SEO ranking.

According to Google, thin content is search spam. They have a page in their webmaster guidelines which explains that Google can take action against this type of content. Some SEOs as well as Webmasters artificially increase their rankings through link spam or content spamming with the help of these Private Blog Networks.

Google has probably hit quite a large number of web sites who are making use of these PBNs over the past few days.

Google Sends Manual Action Notifications to Sites Using Private Blog Networks

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People who run Private Blog Networks do not believe that this is the end for their networks. Alex from a PBN on a black hat forum wrote that according to him the end of PBNs is not somewhere near but he does believe about the current wave of PBN de-indexation.

When Google was asked to comment, they responded saying they do not comment if it is about particular manual actions. This seems like a major blow to the ones making use of PBNs for search spam.

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