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A new set of rules and regulations has been issued by Google with regard to how SEM/SEO companies should typify the clients associated with them inside Google My Business or Google Map Listings.

The new rules, are not something that can be forced upon clients, but it definitely does help bringing in line the companies that hold the Google Map Listings of their clients, using techniques unapproved by Google

To make the point clear, Google said, "only business owners or authorized representatives may verify and manage their business information on Google My Business."

Although, for an authorized representative, a number of rules have been laid out:

Whether a person or a company that takes care of the details given on Google My Business, for a company that he or she is not the owner of, makes them an authorized representative. Examples of such third party representatives would be a trusted friend of the owner of the company; a network provider coalesced with the company; a service provider that deals with the online booking, scheduling or ordering; SEO/SEM company.

The following set of guidelines have been laid out for an Authorized Representative:

  • A customer is never to be abused, harassed, or tricked. Whether the customer is already a client or just a potential one.
  • Only make claims that you are sure to be realistic. Nothing is to be said that will later be marked as false or misleading.
  • No listing, no matter how big or small, is to be made without the consent of the owner.
  • The authorized individual should make sure that the owner of the business should have complete knowledge about the workings of Google My Business and how the uploaded data will be used and to what end.

This means that the owner is to be perpetually aware of how Google My Business will use the information given by the company, how to be found on Google, how to edit or update the given information, or what entails when someone verifies the business or company. The authorized person is to work hand in hand with the owner to complete the verification procedure.

The authorized person or company cannot take any action without the knowledge of the owner. This means that no update or business listing goes online without the information being authorized by the owner. The set of guidelines that have been laid out for representing the business on Google have to be followed to the letter. The contact information which includes the website address and phone number should always be the single one that is verified by the owner. The descriptive content of the business should again be managed and verified by the owner.

When management access requests arrive they are to be answered to as soon as possible. The ownership of the listing should be handed over to the owner the moment it’s called or asked for. The authorized person, should as much as possible try to motivate the owner to make an account and possess the listing and append authorized representatives as managers.

A failure on part of the owners or authorized person to follow these rules might have an outcome in the form of, “suspension for the listing and/or account,” says Google

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