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Google today has introduced a suite of bidding strategies for Shopping Campaigns, which will allow the advertisers to outdo manual max CPC bidding to provide particular bids for each auction, customized to people’s context. The key targeting solutions are maximizing clicks, leveraging Enhanced CPC and optimizing for ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Maximize Clicks – This is the bidding strategy or solution which will help you capture as much traffic as possible within your budget.

Google Shopping Releases New Automated Bidding Options

Enhanced CPC – This strategy of Enhanced CPC is going to be your best bet when you either wish to manage your own bids or want to use a third-party platform.

Google Shopping Releases New Automated Bidding Options

Target ROAS (beta) – The option of ROAS is what you should opt for if you are after the return. Let this option of target return on ad spend (ROAS) perform the heavy bidding lifting if you, due to time shortage, are unable to do the manual management of your bid, and are revenue-driven. However, just a few advertisers are allowed to have access to this last option.

Google Shopping Releases New Automated Bidding Options

Request form that you need to include is available here.

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