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Google SMS service comes with plenty of features for you to explore an entire new world of search technology. Now, by merely entering into a search term and selecting one of the sample search terms, you can get results displayed in the phone image just like the ones you recieve on your mobile phone.

You Need Google SMS service because:

1. The big game is on tonight, and while your cable was cut 3 weeks ago, you've still got a recliner couch and a pair of battle-worn, nacho cheese-stained text messaging thumbs

2. Your newly purchased tickets make the nosebleeds feel like a fireside chat, and you lent your binoculars to your ornithologist cousin.

3. You recently secured a new job, and you need to look like you're preoccupied with important business at all times.
4. The love of your life dragged you to the ballet on game day, and made you leave your 60-inch liquid crystal TV at home

5. It's time for your family reunion (and the playoffs) again, and you don't have the heart to tell your relatives that you majored in basket… weaving.

6. The restraining order filed against you by multiple sports professionals mandates that you find a way to "look but not touch."

7. When it comes to your personal sports soundtrack, you prefer the Crazy Frog to the National Anthem.

8. You've developed an allergic reaction to commercial time-outs (or even commercials, for that matter.)

9. It's triple over time, and your too-cute-to-say-no nephew wants pizza from a restaurant six blocks from the stadium.

10. The BIG DANCE!

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