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Google co-op, which is a new product launched by Google at their Annual Press Day yesterday afternoon. This new product is has marked it's entrance into the social or shared search market. This facility would allow all the users of Google to contribute their knowledge and experience to enhance Google's search results and vertical search properties through personalized subscriptions.

According to Google "these contributions serve as meta information that would help the Google search algorithms connect users to the most relevant information for their specific query."

Jonathan Rosenberg, senior vice president, Product Management, Google Inc. stated that "Google Co-op and the other new services announced today combine the power of Google's technology with the context, knowledge, and unique expertise of individuals." "As a result, users can find the information they are looking for, no matter how specialized or specific faster than ever."

Pandia: Google has already worked with partners to annotate web pages related to health and city guides and to offer dozens of subscribed links to specialized content such as restaurant and movie information. Later on a “broader online community” will begin building out new topic areas. Whether this means that regular users may contribute as experts is unclear.

Text Link Brokers on Digg Co-ops: Now Google has Teamed with Digg to provide Google users Digg results as a supplemental section of your personalized SERP pages. This is a feature that may actually finally convince me to login to “Google Personal” on a regular basis. Here is a link to the Digg Story

Barry Schwartz: Google has announced four new products yesterday, one of those products is named Google Co-op. Google Co-op enables you to create what are called “subscribed links,” which basically allows you to create a Google SERP, define the title, description and the URL(s) to be displayed in the SERPs, for those who “subscribed” to your link. You can create an XML feed, submit your feed to Google Coop and then enable people to subscribe to that Coop. There are currently dozens of subscriptions available for you to be a part of at the Google Coop Directory.

Search Engine Watch’s Danny Sullivan: It’s a very cool idea. For example, say you are regularly searching for information about search engines and would like to know if Search Engine Watch specifically has any matching info along with searching the entire web for that topic. If we get our act together (and we’ll try soon), you could make us one of your subscribed links. Then the next time you search for something where we have content, you might see our matches right at the top of Google.

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