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According to Search Engine Roundtable, it seems that Google has stopped crawling the blogs that aren't hosted on domains, meaning that the blogs on private domains and the Blogger aren't being crawled and indexed. As per some of the posts that have surface on Google Groups and DigitalPoint Forums, Googlebot has stopped the crawling of such blogs since July 30th 2008.

Here are some excerpts from the thread at Google Groups:

"Hi Google Team,

I am always a nice Google user. But it seems Google has stopped crawling suddenly for one of my blog. For the best of my knowledge, i never did anything against Google. And in last update got PR4 for that blog.

I have sent a recosideration request. What else i can do? There is no way to know why Google stopped crawling suddenly for no reason. My Pages are still there in index and ranking as well, but new pages
but new pages stopped indexing. From 30 July, no visit of Google. In webmaster when i submitted my sitemap again then status is pending from more than 21 hours. Please guide me to solve this problem."

"Yeah. My CRAWLING Statistics graph in webmaster tools is all the way
at the lowest point.
HELLO… Google…"

"yeap i agree! the problem comes either from blogger or from google
bots 🙁

Please someone from Google, come on let's tell us what is happening?

is there any problem with google servers that hinder our sites from
being normally crawled???"

It's not an incoming link problem.
This is the millionth time I have heard this.
Yes. Incoming links helps the crawl.
However, before August,
my relatively new site was crawled every day."

"I find that crawl frequency has to do with incoming links, if you have
weak references from other sites you get crawled less, if you have
links pointing to you from sites that google considers "quality" you
get a faster crawl. Could it be this simple?"

Here are some excerpts from the thread at DigitalPoint Forums:

"Even google is not crawling my pages as well from past few days but I didn't noticed that, thanks for writing this but what we should now? Any method to overcome from this?"

"Dude. I don't know. I am trying to just wait it out, but time is ticking. If I can't do this for a living, I have to get a job."

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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