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Google has upgraded the conversational voice search on its mobile apps for Android and iOS by adding a few new travel planning specific voice commands. From booking a romantic holiday to ordering the best desserts, Google says this upgrade has many advantages. Its official blog post also gives voice to the many benefits of this conversational search update.

The Internet giant announced new travel related voice commands can make it a whole lot easier to plan the perfect trip. The app enables users to know where they are (hotel, restaurant, airport etc.) and carry out actions using voice (for instance, placing reservations through OpenTable) and much more. Getting directions is also possible through a conversation with the app. It also provides reminders now – thanks to the upgrade to conversational voice features.

The app is being publicized by Google through a series of “Ask the Google app” commercials that have been running for a few weeks on Television. Google's official blog has shared how this super new feature works for making the best travel plans:

Step 1— Finding the perfect restaurant for dinner can be as easy as asking the Google app about where the best eateries are near a hotel. If your date is dessert crazy, the blog asks users to just browse the menu of the restaurant to check the sweetmeats before booking a table there.

Step 2—Making a reservation is easy especially if the restaurant is on OpenTable. Reserving tables via OpenTable lets you see the reservation screen with the details completed.

Step 3—If you are looking for after dinner fun at the top bars, all you have to do is (you guessed it!) ask the Google app.

Step 4—From car rentals to catching the flight, Google does not want users to sweat the small stuff and you can even get news about flight cancellations thanks to the new conversation voice features in Google apps.

From dinner to the best exploration sites and tourist sites, Google's app can get you there with the minimum of worries and the maximum of ease.

Google Takes Conversational Voice Search on Mobile Apps to A Whole New Level!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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