Sep 3, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google announced that TrueView is uniting Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns within the gist AdWords interface. TrueView video campaigns are getting cloaked into the main AdWords interface. You can now take advantage of powerful management tools to save time and effort when working on multiple Youtube TrueView campaigns.

Google further added that now that all campaign types share the same structure, a new feature for video, faster than ever before can be brought. To get at the simplest level, “Video campaigns” will be an option among Search, Display and Shopping in the campaign selector tool in the upper left corner of the interface. Each ad group in a video campaign will have either an in-stream or an in-display (ads that appear alongside related videos) TrueView format.

Google Takes TrueView Campaigns To AdWords!

You can also employ data filters in the UI and schedule reports. Video analytics will now be available in a new Videos tab, and a Video targeting tab is where you can manage the campaign and ad group targeting. Video remarketing will also be accessible in the shared library.

Google Takes TrueView Campaigns To AdWords!

Ritu Sharma
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