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Early in this year, Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam warned webmasters in his personal blog that if you are using guest blogging to gain links in 2014, then you should stop because over the time it is becoming more and more of a spammy practice. As a follow-up to the warning bell, Cutts, announced Wednesday morning on twitter that Google has taken action on a “large guest blog network” to remind people about the risks of guest blogging.

Google Targets Guest Blogging by Penalizing MyBlogGuest, a “Large Guest Blog Network”

Cutts, however didn't specify which guest blogging network has been hit by the action, but it appears that is the victim this time. The evidence can be the fact that the site no longer appears in Google search results. Ann Smarty, founder of, confirmed the news on twitter:

Google Targets Guest Blogging by Penalizing MyBlogGuest, a “Large Guest Blog Network”

Invalid link notices are appearing in the Webmaster Tools account of the site's users and those with links pointing to their site since Wednesday morning. More users have confirmed that they also received warnings since the site has been hit. MyBlogGuest had a very open linking policy which stated that links couldn't be nofollowed. This means there can be several other unwitting sites which can face unnatural links penalties even though they have nothing to do with MyBlogGuest.

However, this is not the first time that Google has penalized a network that was responsible for the spam comments. Many link networks have been penalized in the past along with the clients they built links for. Digital marketing agency iAcquire was penalized in 2012 for link buying allegations.

It is believed, that if MyBlogGuest had focused on the content, value of the guest blogging and ensured that all links within an article had to be nofollowed, then most probably the site would not have been hit and penalized.
MyBlogGuest was launched in 2009, as a network which connects guest bloggers with sites looking for content. The site had 73,000 users in 2013 and posted an average of 256 articles per day.

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