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Google has introduced a new feature in Google Trends, which will make it easier for you to explore trending celebrities, recap of what's hot, or any other buzzing topic in Google Search.

Trending Top Charts

A new feature "Top Charts" was added to Google Trends, which enabled people to explore places, real-world people, and more. And now, users will be able to explore the new Trending Top Charts from lists across sports, entertainment, politics, and other categories.

For example, the United States is the most searched country amongst US people but Russia and Syria were the top two trending countries for the last month. 

Google Trends Gets New Ways to Explore Hot Trends!

Hot Searches: Past 30 Days View

The great way to see monthly recap of hottest place, things, and people in a given category is the Top Charts. But, if you want to see what's hot overall, how will you go about it? Users will now be shown a new view of hot topics from the last thirty days. All they have to do is click the new calendar icon present at the top of the Hot Searches page available for thirteen supported countries. They can hover on a topic to get quick information and a link to navigate to more search trends of the day.

Google Trends Gets New Ways to Explore Hot Trends!

The Explore Page Updates

Google Trends let power users search data for any topic and compare it on the basis of region, category, time, and more. Google has rolled out more updates to deliver a better experience. Refinements from Google products, countries, and categories have been shifted to top navigation. As a result, a more consistent result will be delivered. Moreover, Google has made it easier to discover the power tools for comparing countries and time ranges.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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