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Google launched the latest version of AdWords Editor yesterday morning with bid strategies support, new engagement ads and an array of other much anticipated features. Here's a rundown of what you can expect to see in the 10.4 version of Google AdWords Editor:

  1. Bids and Bids Strategies: The AdWords Editor now opens up more options for flexible bidding. Users can update bid strategies for campaigns, ad groups and keywords and apply flexible bid strategies from the shared library of AdWords. They can also edit bids that do not fall under the campaign bid strategy like adding CPM bids in a CPC campaign. Apart from this, users can now copy or move items with their bid strategies within the same account or to a different account.
  2. Search and Display Network Settings: AdWords Editor now supports four campaign types- Search Network only, Search and Display Networks, Search Network with Display Select and Display Network only. Campaign settings can be viewed and updated on the Campaigns tab and in CSV import files.
  3. Engagement Ads: Engagement Ads are now available in AdWords Editor with a new setting on the Ad groups tab, called the Ad group type. It has two options: Default and Engagement. To specify a newly created or pasted ad group as an engagement ad group, click on the “Ad group type” followed by “Engagement.” The Ad group type setting can only be edited for new, unposted ad groups.
  4. Viewable CPM: With the new version of the Editor, users can enable or disable viewable CPM for manual CPM campaigns. To enable viewable CPM:
    • When creating or editing a "Display Network only" campaign, select the "Focus on impressions" bidding strategy.
    • Select the checkbox to enable viewable CPM.
    • Save your campaign settings.
    • On the ad group page, enter the Max viewable CPM bid.
    • Click Save and continue.
  5. More Image Ad Sizes: The new version supports different image ad sizes. To view the entire list click here. The size limit for all the image ads is 150 kilobytes. There have also been new additions to the dimensions of mobile image ads. Mobile image ads dimensions are in bytes and listed as width X height X maximum size.
  6. Sitelink Import Improvements: When you add or import multiple sitelinks with the same text and different URLs, the URLs now update correctly.

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Ritu Sharma
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