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Google has updated the Google Shopping Products Feed Specification to make the organizing of product data more flexible and allow merchants to engage with more customers. The overhauled feed specification will be rolled out globally on September 30, but merchants can submit the new attributes immediately. The updates include:

  • Mobile landing page URLs can be submitted separately through the mobile link attribute to ensure mobile users are directed to mobile landing pages.
  • Those products which are sold in merchant-defined bundles like cameras, will now include the “is bundle” attribute in order to be displayed correctly on Shopping.
  • Apparel attributes are added to provide detailed descriptions on apparel products. New values have been added to age group and two new size attributes- size system and size type.
  • Item availability is now simplified- merging “available for order” and “in-stock.” Also, the date of availability will be added to inform users when a particular item will be back in stock.
  • Apart from this, the feed specification also tells how many characters should be used for each attribute.

Apart from updating the attributes, Google has also revamped image quality recommendations and created new landing page policy as a part of the feed specification update. The image quality recommendations suggest merchants how they can submit high quality images. Google recommends merchants to review the new feed specification, because some of these updates may require changing the current product data. Merchants can find the complete list of changes in the Google Merchant Center.

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