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Google has updated its guidelines for article rendering in Google+. You can add code to your page that enables Google to render your content with full-bleed images and a description for content types Article, Blog, and Blog Posting.

Changes in article rendering include:

  • You specify microdata via or Open Graph tags.
  • Google uses the Name and Description in the Google+ post. Google shortens these fields if they are too long.
  • Google uses the Image as the full-bleed image of the post on Google+.

Shown above is a proper example of a post rendered with a full-bleed image and description. The image is 506px wide and taller than 5:2 aspect ratio. Following that is the markup code for the snippet.

The image must be at least 506px wide with an aspect ratio not more than 5:2 (width:height). Google+ allows a maximum image size of 506 x 303px (width x height). Although an image measuring 600 x 250px (5:2.1) qualifies, but Google reduces it to 506 x 210px, while an image of 600 x 300px (5:2.5) is reduced to 506 x 253px.

Content that disqualify for this rendering treatment is rendered using the default thumbnail renderer as shown in the example below, followed by the markup code further below.

Images are scaled and cropped as follows:

  • Images with aspect ratio more than 5:3 are scaled to 506px width, and then cropped vertically to 303px height. The algorithm is such that the most interesting part of the image does not get cropped out.
  • Images with an aspect ratio between 5:2 and 5:3 are not cropped, but are scaled.
  • Images wider than 5:2 aspect ratio do not qualify the content.

Google Updates the Guidelines for Customizing Snippets People See When a Page is shared on Google+, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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    First, I don't know why you used break tags after meta tags…there's no point to it, isn't it?
    Second, I copied the exact thing as Markup but still it wont show…so could you please help me out here?
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