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Google has updated one of its filters Page Layout Algorithm that downgrades ranking of a web page having too many ads at the top. Also known as Top Heavy algorithm, the filter will also deprecate the page if the ads are found too distracting for the users.

This was announced by Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, who said that the algorithm was refreshed on February 6.

Here’s his tweet:

SEO folks: we recently launched a modernise of this algorithm: http://t.co/KKSXm8FqZW Visible to outward universe on ~Feb. 6th.
— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) February 10, 2014

Find here the impact on search results by the full release schedule of the Page Layout Algorithm –

Less than 1% of English searches were impacted by the Upgrade on January 19, 2012 impacted

0.7% of English searches were impacted by the Upgrade on October 9, 2012 Data for the Upgrade on February 6, 2014 is not available

Objective of the Page Layout Algorithm is to reward the sites with content, rather than ads. Users want to see the relevant content at the earliest when a site appears, rather than waste time scouting for the content. A site cluttered with ads is least likely to impress the ads. The algorithm would downgrade such sites, while upgrading the rank of sites with useful content.

Matt has not yet clarified if the ranking will be restored if the page layout is updated and the changes are re-crawled. Or they will need to wait for the next algorithm update.

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